Massage and treatment


The English say: “massage is a healing art” and why shout I deny that?

Massage is a meeting and touch between two people in a very pure way. We cannot really do without touch, but in this quick modern world we often don’t dwell up on what we would like to or need to. Massage helps you to contact your own body again, to listen to it and in this way be able to deal with life with all his tension and enjoy it to our hearts' content.

Through massage our muscles, which got tense by stressful situations, become released. Tension of the muscles is possibly the cause of many physical complaints, like lower back pain, pain in neck and shoulders, headache, migraine, pain in joints and so on. Also the digestion, heart functions and breathing could be influenced in a negative way, by which also your night's rest gets affected.

Massage activates the immune system and the lymph nodes by which the waste products get drained away more quickly.

The body relaxes and you get much more balanced, physically and emotionally. The resistance against illnesses increases and you get new energy!

Because of the fact that body and mind are much more in balance, you will be able to deal with stressful situations in a much easier way, through you are and stay fitter emotionally. That is the reason that a preventive massage is certainly advisable.

But most of all, massage is one of the most enjoyable ways to get rid of physical and emotional complaints. What is nicer than lying down , to relax, if you would like with relaxing music in the background but then unfortunately find out after a while that there comes a moment that you have to go back to everyday’s life.

To give you an idea of the possibilies:

PITJIT (Indonesian)