Massage and treatment


I work with a flat rate per treatment.

A treatment takes as a rule about 90 minutes.

The price for a relaxmassage is € 50,- and for a therapeutic massage € 60,-

For massage in your house outsite Moraira I charge car expenses.

For deviant treatments please contact me.


For those who have some problems in their body (or mind) I look which treatment is available which can lower the symptoms or even make them disappear.

This is possible for a wide range of symptoms. Fact is that most fysical problems are caused by (negative) emotional events or stress. Which techniques will be best turns out to be very individual. Every individual is different so also treatment cannot be the same. Everybody has his weak points in which the body indicates that there is something wrong.

Of course it is possible to combat the symptoms with all kinds of medicine. However mostly this does not solve the problem, every pain is a signal of the body that there is something wrong. In case you ignore the signals by taking tranquilizers, painkillers, etc. the body will respond with stronger signals. You can combat these also with stronger medicine but you will end in a never ending visious circle. Better is looking for the causes of the symptoms and try to solve the problems.

Don't get me wrong, I have no problem at all with the regular medicine, sometimes it is necessary to interfere, but in many cases it is more smart to look for the cause of the problem and try to solve this.