Massage and treatment


With cupping a kind of glasses will be put on the skin and will be sucked a little bit vacuum. The with toxines contaminated blood deeper in the body will be pulled to the surface. The underlying body tissues will get new fresh clean blood and the toxines will be drained away.
In eastern countries they often use one step more: they make some perforations in the skin with a lancet. When you then pull vacuum, blood with toxines comes out and you can remove it. You help the body with cleaning in this way.

In general pain is caused by accumulation of toxines because of blockades in the energysystem. Owing to these blockades you get more and more toxines in the blood. The body has more problems to break down the waste pruducts. That is why more blockades originate. With cupping we pull the contaminated blood to the surface which makes that the body can remove it easier.

Cupping has an enormous depth functioning and realizes a deep relaxation of the treated area.