Holystic pulsing (dynamic massage) is a gentle treatment in which the body gets pulsed and stretched very softly. You lie down fully dressed on the massage table. The frequency of the pulses sometimes is very subtle another time I use a heavier pulse.

The human body consist for 70 % out of water. In the dynamic massage we use this fact. It sets your body fluid to a often very subtle movement

 Its strength is that the body experiences the movement as very soft, friendly and natural. Very often the pulsee (the one who gets pulsed) experiences already after a short time a very deep relaxation, which leads to a feeling of nourishment and security. In this state the body gets inclined to take up its natural state of energy flow. That is why old blockades become visible and sometimes perceptible. The pulsee now is able to release this concentrated tension up to very deep levels.

Holistic pulsing doesn’t deal with symptoms. It doesn’t force anything either. It only gives insight what happens in your body. In case the pulsee is prepared to release the localized tension or blockade it is good to contact it, accept it and to let it go. Sometimes this is a conscious process but very often it happens unconsciously. Even though we leave it to our body to decide which blockades get localised, in practice we will see that very often already in the first session(s) the blockades or tension who bring about the pain or illness will disappear.

 It is very personal how and where you discover the effect of pulsing, even every session can be different. The origin of tension/blockades can be very different (physical, mental or emotional). That is why the effect of a treatment can be very different too. Mostly there is a very relaxed feeling, but it is also possible that violent emotions or restlessness come out. It is always the pulsee who decides what he/she wants to allow and go towards. By accepting what is happing in your body automatically you get asked to set free. This only happens when you and your body are ready for it and this mostly is an almost automatic process. Most of the time the released emotions are very subtle, mostly you even don’t notice it and a relaxed feeling will dominate.


Massage and treatment


I work with a flat rate per treatment.

A treatment takes as a rule about 90 minutes.

The price for a relaxmassage is € 50,- and for a therapeutic massage € 60,-

For massage in your house outsite Moraira I charge car expenses.

For deviant treatments please contact me.