I went to Thailand for education in Chi Nei Chang. My teacher, a Thai doctor, adviced me to study Karsai Nei Tsang in addition. To me and I think for the most western people totally unknown. But I joined him in his suggestion and I am happy I did.

Karsai means sediment in the blood vessels. The purpose of the massage is to eliminate blockades caused by emotional or fysical traumas, accumulation of toxins and heavy metals caused by air- or waterpollution, bad food(habbits), tension or simply the aging process. These blockages in organs and bloodcirculation bring about that the organs decrease in working as a result of that all kind of fysical complaints can arise. Besides the Karsai faces to massage of the urogenitials and the connecting bloodvessels. There is often sediment in here which disappears because the blockages relax and dissolve.

Because of a better hormonal balance the brainfunctions will improve just like the sexual functions.

Symptoms which can be treated with Karsai Nei Tsang are amnesia, lower backpain, problems with menopause, decreased libido, difficult and frequent urination, impotention or orgasmproblems, menstruationpain or painful coitus.

Just to make one thing clear: this is not any kind of erotic massage!!!

my teacher


Massage and treatment


I work with a flat rate per treatment.

A treatment takes as a rule about 90 minutes.

The price for a relaxmassage is € 50,- and for a therapeutic massage € 60,-

For massage in your house outsite Moraira I charge car expenses.

For deviant treatments please contact me.