Thai massage for treatment is based on relaxation of the muscles.

A lot of pain in our body is caused by tension in the muscles. The origin of the tension may be different, it can be from emotional stress or strain of our muscles e.g. by an accident (whiplash is a wellknown disorder).
The problem is, that when there is continuously stress in our muscles the bloodvessels become blocked together with our energycanals (meridians).
This causes triggerpoints who send painsignals to our body. So now we will feel pain in.......??
When we don't look after the cause of the pain it will become heavier, because more triggerpoints will appear with more pain, etc.

What we do with the treatment is first open the meridians and bring relaxation to the muscles. This is mostly (a bit) painfull. We thumbpress the blocked area. It hurts, but not for a long time. After we did this you mostly have a good feeling and the total area feels warm. Now the time comes to take care of the triggerpoints. We treat them, the blockades go away and your body can recover. Mostly immediately after the treatment you feel the pain disappear.

I must say, before I started the course in Thailand I was sceptic about combatting pain with pain. But on my first day my teacher gave me a treatment, just to feel what it does to the body. The first five minutes I was convinced that I would not do the course, but afterwards I became more and more enthusiastic. I felt that good, energetic and relaxed that there was no doubt any more.
The problem is that we "western" people are not used to have some pain and are afraid of it. But I can assure you: it really works great. I did a lot of treatments there already for training and the effect on my "patients" was really amazing. Now also people I treated in Europe know that is was the right choice.

Some therapist here know and use the triggerpointmassage but when you don't open the meridians and bring relaxation to the muscles it is very diffucult for your body to drain away the toxines which you loosen with the triggerpointmassage.


Massage and treatment


I work with a flat rate per treatment.

A treatment takes as a rule about 90 minutes.

The price for a relaxmassage is € 50,- and for a therapeutic massage € 60,-

For massage in your house outsite Moraira I charge car expenses.

For deviant treatments please contact me.