Scratching or Guasha: this technique has a positive effect on the immune system and stimulates the blood circulation. That is why toxins get drained quicker.

The treatment consists of scratching of the skin with jade stone, cowhorn, a coin or simular. At first oil is applied on the skin and then the scratching begins.  

Some bruises or red skin come into being, but will be gone away after a few days. The body will detoxify on the spot of the treatment and acidification will counteract. It achiefs a better functioning of the organs and the muscles will loosen up.

By means of a better functioning of the organs and the bloodcirculation a better emotional balance will occur.

This treatment often is used with a cold, flu, sore muscles, etc. and often in combination with other techniques.


Massage and treatment


I work with a flat rate per treatment.

A treatment takes as a rule about 90 minutes.

The price for a relaxmassage is € 50,- and for a therapeutic massage € 60,-

For massage in your house outsite Moraira I charge car expenses.

For deviant treatments please contact me.