Thai foot-reflexology is thousands of years old and used to be part of the traditional Thai massage. Because it is a quick and effective way to balance your body it became very popular as a independent technique. In Thailand you can observe possibilities to take a treatment everywhere and many Thai do this regularly.

The treatment begins with a foot wash and massage of the feet and the lower leg. Subsequently the reflex points in the feet become  activated. Every reflex point corresponds with an organ or other part of your body. By activating them you stimulate the nerve ends and through that also the concerning part of your body.

If certain reflex points are sensible it may be an indication, that something might be wrong with that part of your body or maybe there is a blockade. We can try to solve this with additional massages. Activation of the reflex points results in a better blood circulation and the lymph nodes get activated, blockades cleared and waste products become excreted.

In case that an activation during one till two weeks doesn’t help, it could be an indication to consult a doctor.

During a treatment it is possible that you feel all kinds of itches, prickles, etc. This is quite normal. The massage is with hands and with a special massage stick.

Afterwards you will have a very relaxed feeling and it takes you out of your head towards your feet, that’s why your grounding will be much better.


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